The brilliant success of Law Offices of Robert Abedi is succeeding without any rejections and second review. Proving the credibility and meeting qualifications of the US employer is in our hands.

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Brilliant Success, Proof of Trusted Job Offers in Our Hands


The most important element in the EB-3 process is having a reliable, recognized and viable US employer who meets the conditions. In reality, in the EB-3 process the conditions of the US employer and the job offer play an important role in positive result of the application and for the final decision to issue the visa for the client more so than the conditions of the client.


The responsibility to review and determine the conditions of the US employer and the job offer is on the Department of Labor. This Ministry in about six (6) months makes a detailed determination of the application and issues such as the financial qualifications of the US employer to hire a foreign employee and also the certainty of lack of employment for which a job offer has been made to a foreign worker is reviewed with a final determination. The final determination of the Department of Labor can be in one of 3 ways that are informed to the applicant and their attorney.


The best possibility is a direct acceptance without the need for a second review. The second condition is a second review which is normally random or by luck among the EB-3 applications. In this situation, the Department of Labor for a greater review requests additional documentations and it is important to state that after the second review the EB-3 applications are accepted. The last condition is a rejection of the application.