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EB-3 Immigration Visa

The Time Frame of the Legal Process for US Immigration with EB-3 


Presently, US immigration through EB-3 is the fastest method to obtain Green Card and Permanent Residency for the US. Normally, the application process from start to end takes approximately 18 months. One of the most important steps of the EB-3 process is the third step which means obtaining the Labor Certification Approval from the US Department of Labor of the which takes approximately seven months from the beginning of the process. The Labor Certification Approval from the Department of Labor is the confirmation and approval of the job offer and of the qualifications of the US employer from this US Ministry which is the most important factor in the final success of EB-3 applications. During the legal process and time frame for EB-3 immigration a diagram is being offered for you. 


The Successful Processing Methodology of Robert Abedi & Associates LLC


The first step of the process for EB-3 applications is the review and determination of the Department of Labor. A successful result in this process is obtaining the Labor Certificate from that Ministry. A more successful result in obtaining this Certification is without a secondary review by that Ministry where in less than six (6) months the US Department of Labor review and approval and issuance of the Labor Certification to the applicant. With having this Certification in hand, the client's EB-3 application to obtain the visa is sent to US Immigration Office (USCIS). 


Application process of EB-3 Program

Sign Retainer Agreement

Prevailing Wage Determination

Prevailing Wage Determination

Job Advertisement

Submit PERM Application to Department of Labor

Get Labor Certification Approval
(Permanent Labor Certification)

USCIS Send out I-797 Approval Notice

Submit Form DS-260 to NVC

Be interviewed at the US Consulate Office

Landing to the US

Get Green Card (Unconditional Green Card) and Social Security Number

I-140 Petition Form Submitted with Original Labor Certificate to USCIS

Limited numbers of job offers to be approved by the Department of Labor and US Immigration Office in the best metropolitan cities of the US and qualifying for immigration through EB-3 are available. To start your application register now.

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